Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Harvest is Ripe – Walk Expectantly!

When God’s people fast and pray, there is a difference in the atmosphere of their worship.  Our 21-day focus on prayer and fasting absolutely made a difference in our services last month.  More importantly, it made a difference in our lives.  Beginning the year by focusing on prayer and fasting as a community has paved the way for the work God wants to do among us in 2012.  We have prayed and asked God for a move of His Spirit.  We have asked Him for a harvest of souls.  We have asked Him for transformed lives.  Now, let us walk together in faithful expectation that God will honor His promises to us.

Our first major opportunity to see some of the fruit of this prayer and fasting will be coming up on Sunday, February 12th.  That is when we will celebrate Friend Day.  This special service would be a wonderful time to invite those people you have been meaning to invite to church.  Maybe you work with someone or maybe you go to school with someone that you know would benefit from hearing the gospel.  There is no greater gift you can give a friend than to be instrumental in leading them to Jesus.  You could do that by bringing them to church on February 12th.  The atmosphere will be exciting and uplifting as we welcome our friends and share the gospel of Jesus.

The Emmanuel Singers will be with us to provide the special music.  You will not want to miss the Spirit-filled worship and the powerful truth of God’s word that day.  Your unsaved friends and loved ones cannot afford to miss it!  That day could make an eternal difference in the lives of the people in attendance.

To help you make the process of inviting people easier, we are preparing boxes of candy for you to distribute.  The small box of chocolates will have a special invitation on the back.  This provides an easy way for you to demonstrate some kindness and to extend an invitation to people who might not otherwise be interested.  Please prayerfully consider the names of people you could bring to church on February 12th.  Let’s befriend people in the truest sense of that term.  Let’s ask God to make Friend Day 2012 at TCC a real demonstration of the love of Jesus.  The fields are ripe for harvesting. May God send us forth as His laborers!