Monthly Archives: March 2011

Loving the World

February was a great month for the Capital Church.  We saw over 500 in attendance for two consecutive weeks.  Thanks to your hard work in preparation for Friend Day, we enjoyed a great time of welcoming many first time guests to our family of faith.  Many of those have already expressed interest in taking the next step in becoming more involved in the life of our church.  The Lord is showing favor because of your faithfulness in prayer, fasting and service. 

Perhaps the most beautiful thing we saw was a group of 10 children and several adults prepared to be baptized.  Unfortunately, we were unable to perform the baptism because of the frigid water, but the tank’s heater should be repaired soon and we will be able to move ahead with that beautiful expression of the Holy Spirit’s work among us.  On top of that, we had 17 people who committed themselves to membership at TCC.  The fact that people are interested in becoming a part of our community testifies to the work that God is doing among us.

For some time, we have been focusing on the great commandment and the great commission as the motivation for what we do as a church.  We have said that we want to be a church marked by our love for God, our love for each other and our love for the world.  We have enjoyed the presence of God in powerful ways in our services and we have enjoyed uplifting and encouraging fellowship with other believers at TCC.  We are now pushing strongly in the direction of showing love to our community through acts of service.  Our men coming together to work alongside the city council’s housing authority to help those who are in situations of acute need.  Our women are exploring ways to reflect God’s glory through service ministry.  Our teams are preparing for a missions trip this summer and are aligning with our desire to show the love of Christ to people in our area in practical ways.  Our Kids are excited and hungry for more of God and are learning more and more about the God that created and loves them every week.  New groups are forming.  New ministries are springing up.  This is how a move of God begins.  Please continue to pray and to fast that God would truly make us a place where transformation occur.  We must continually seek to be faithful to the vision God is giving us.  My prayer is that we will be known as a community infused by love so that it overflows in abundance to those around us.

 -Pastor Ryan Jackson