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Managing Money God’s Way

Billy Graham said, “Give me five minutes with a person’s checkbook, and I will tell you where their heart is.” This is just another way of saying what Jesus said when he taught us, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).” There is an indisputable link between our finances and our commitment to following Christ!

We have been focusing on a sermon series entitled “Managing Money God’s Way.” This series has not at all been intended to make anyone feel guilty. While God does bless us when we give, He is not pleased when we give out of compulsion nor when we give grudgingly. This series has focused on biblical principles for handling money that glorify God and that set us free from materialism. This world’s pattern is that we should focus on accumulating wealth and increasing our standard of living. But, God isn’t as much interested in our standard of living as He is in our standard of giving! What we do with our money is a very real indicator of where we are in our walk with the Lord.

I am aware that many of us would like to give more, but we are not able to do what we want to do because of the financial difficulties we are in. That’s why we are so excited to be participating as a church in the Dave Ramsey Live event here in Raleigh on October 16th. Dave Ramsey’s teaching is engaging and simple enough for anyone to follow. He gives very practical biblically based teaching on how to handle money in a way that honors God. Just imagine what the church could do if God’s people were the most financially secure people in our area! Dave Ramsey’s principles can help us to shake the crippling power of debt and to overcome the emotional and spiritual turmoil that always accompany an improper view of money. If you buy your tickets to the event online, it will cost $42 with the booking fee. We have secured 20 tickets for $25. Please see Pastor Joe to reserve yours right away.

Whether or not you personally struggle with financial planning as a believer, this event is an incredible opportunity for outreach. Perhaps you know someone who needs help in this area. What if you bought them a ticket to this event? One Saturday afternoon could alter the course of their financial future and maybe even their eternal destiny! Could you invite someone from your office? Your neighbor? A family member?

The Capital Church is registered with Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. That means that many people who attend the live event will be looking for how to take the next step and learn more. We will be offering a 13 week course at our church beginning in January 2011. We are praying that this course will be a way of reaching out to people who are having great difficulty in this area in the present economic climate. Ultimately, this could be a wonderful way to introduce someone to Jesus! It shows people that we care about every area of their lives!

The day after the Dave Ramsey Live Event, we will be hosting Back to Church Sunday here at TCC. We will be having both the 8:30 and the 10:45 services with a lunch following the 2nd service. Please invite your friends and neighbors to attend this special time of worship. It is a wonderful opportunity to ask someone who used to attend church to visit with us. Maybe you know someone who has moved away but would like to visit again. Perhaps you know someone who considers this church their spiritual home, but they are unable to be here regularly. Maybe you know someone who would like to give church a try, but it isn’t something they are regularly committed to. Sunday, October 17th will be a great opportunity to invite guests to a special service. The sermon WILL NOT be about money. The message will be sensitive to our guests and offer the timeless truth of God in a relevant manner. We are praying for over 500 people that day! Bring a guest, enough to feed your family, and let’s enjoy a wonderful potluck meal in the fellowship hall after the 2nd service!

There are several other big events going on at our church this month, but I want to call your attention to one more incredible opportunity for ministry on October 31st. As you know, this church has hosted a fall carnival for many years. While the world celebrated Halloween, we provided people with a wholesome alternative that touched many lives with the Gospel. The carnival is a wonderful ministry, but we wanted to try something new this year. We thought that instead of inviting people to “come and see,” we wanted to “go and tell!” So, on this All Hallows’ Eve, we will gather at the church and send teams out into our community to show the love of Christ in a practical way! We are believing God for at least 50 teams who will take the church to the city that night! Afterwards, we plan to gather here at the church for a cookout and family fun. Stay tuned for more information about this innovative new ministry. Please help us pray that God would honor these efforts with fruit for His kingdom!

 Honored to Serve, Pastor Ryan.