Monthly Archives: September 2010

Would You Be Willing to Move?

This is truly a wonderful season in the life of the church. The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is a time when families finish up their vacations, kids go back to school, and church attendance gets a boost because people stay home on the weekends more consistently.  This is great news, but it also presents us with a challenge. It is the same challenge that we faced before we started a second service this past Easter. The 10:45 service is full!

 Now, I realize that it might not seem that way because there are some vacant seats in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. However, you may remember the statistics I shared with you earlier this year that when a building is 70-80% full, newcomers will be uncomfortable and often will not return. This means that we need to clear out some space in the 10:45 service.

 We presently average around 101 in the sanctuary during the 8:30 service and 282 in the 10:45.  There are about 60 more involved in ministry outside the sanctuary.  The seating capacity of our sanctuary without counting the seats in the choir is around 350. I know we can physically fit more bodies in the room than that, but people just aren’t comfortable scrunched up together on pews with people they may not know. This means that when our attendance reaches 245 to 280, we should take steps to clear space for growth. As you can see, we are already exceeding that number in the 10:45 service. The simplest solution to this is to have more people come to the 8:30 service, but that is only a short-term solution! Remember: God will not send us a harvest if we are not prepared to receive it!

 I would like to ask at least 50 more people to consider committing to the 8:30 service for the next 4 months. This will really help us to distribute the congregation more evenly between the two services, and it will give us an opportunity to fit more people into the 10:45 service where visitors are more likely to attend. I know this seems like a simple thing, but by coming to the 8:30 service, you could really increase the chances that guests who are not in the habit of going to church might feel more comfortable joining us regularly! You also increase your chances of beating our brothers and sisters from other local churches to the Golden Corral!

 It is really encouraging to be facing this issue. It means that God is rewarding your faithfulness with increase in our church! This church is full of gracious, kind, and loving people. I know that once people in this community start to see Jesus in you, we won’t be able to find enough space to put them all! May it be so in Jesus’ name!