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Tuning In

February 2010

Last month, you joined me for 21 days of focused prayer and fasting. During that time, you could sense a change in the atmosphere of our services as God tuned our hearts to His Spirit. We heard many wonderful testimonies of how God moved miraculously in people’s lives. Several people who have been out of work for over a year saw God’s miraculous provision in creating jobs where there were none. Some testified to being healed, and many spoke about the way that God has made his presence especially real for them during this time.

One testimony related to this time was that a strong couple in this church met a young girl in a parking lot. The young girl had a baby and was in dire need. The couple helped the girl with money they really could not afford to give. A few hours later, they learned that an expected expense had been unexpectedly discounted; and on the same day they obeyed God in giving to someone in need, they saved more than they gave in that divine appointment. These kinds of opportunities only happen when people are in tune with the heart of God.

We did not fast because we think we can force God’s hand. We fasted because we wanted to begin this year by turning our attention to God in a powerful way. We fasted because we want to get down to business with God in every aspect of our lives. People fasted different things. Some gave up media. Some gave up certain foods. Some fasted entire meals or even entire days during our 21 days of focus. But, whatever you sacrificed, every time you had the desire for that thing, you had a wonderful illustration of how your spirit should long for the presence of God. There is no more basic hunger than that of the soul longing after God; and there is no greater satisfaction than being filled with his presence.

The 21 days of focus are over, but our pursuit of God’s presence for our church has only just begun. Please join me in praying that God will help us to be people who love God with all our hearts, who love our neighbor as ourselves, and who fulfill Jesus’ commission to bring people into relationship with himself.